Cool girls come in all sizes, all skin colors and all hair cuts.



That is what is exactly proven by young polish brand – Local Heroes. Founded in 2012 by two friends Areta Szpura and Karolina Słota. The newest campaign Miss World caused a huge storm in social media. Mission of brand owners was creating a project to make girls more confident. To feel good with themselves, no matter how they look. In photo shoots we can see big booties or bald heads. Even one of the models is in advanced pregnancy. She is not wearing some kind of “pregnancy clothes”. She is wearing a girly bikini.


Besides new the collection, comes also a calendar with different model for every mouth. Total variety of beauty, but they all look pretty amazing. The proceeds from calendar will be donated to foundation feminoteka. Polish charity organization who has been supporting the fight for women’s rights.




But, let’s talk about mission, and misunderstanding. Photographer Zuza Krajewska explains, that she wanted to show real woman beauty. Thinking out of the box. And just tell young girls, that they don’t even have to shave if they don’t want to.  It was more like peaceful manifest of naturality, the offending other feelings. What happened on the internet ? A huge wave of hate directed at models. Is that possible, that in an Instagram era, we are not  ready for projects like that.


But Local Heros not always been hated. In  2014 we all have seen  Justin Bieber in “Doing Real Stuff Sucks T-Shirt’s”. After him clothes were worn by Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus.