European getaway


Bored and to busy for long tropical holidays?  Try some weekend getaways in Europe. All perfect cheap flights from Berlin.

Warsaw, Poland

Few years ago, Warsaw was just a grey, sad city. Right now ? It’s full of life, colors and new tastes. Really worth to visit some new restaurants and bars. No only the Old City and museums.  Definitely try Hoża street for best vegan food in Poland. Cocktails at Żurawia street. Or spend whole day chilling by the Vistula river.

Flights from 70 euro both ways, or fast  train 24 euro one way!



Bari, Italy

Non only Milan and Rome. Bari is the new top place in Italy. Located by the sea, in Puglia. Offers unique atmosphere, little white houses and the real Italian life. You can get a cruise to Sicily, or just enjoy peaceful Bari. Homesteads from 25 euro in romantic little stone houses. Must do ? Rent a Vespa and discover secret of Puglia’s vineyardsTrip for all wine lovers !

Flights from 40 euro, both sided


Toulouse, France

“La ville rose” – the pink city. Named, because of unique color of the Toulouse’s brick. Great place for sightseeing, due to Roman History of a city. After visiting all Unesco recommended places, you can rest in one of the popular green parks. Full of romantic canals, and little cafes. Toulouse offers atmosphere like Paris, in a cheaper way. Check art exhibitions in time of your visit- city is full interesting of galleries. Flights from.. 20 euro both sides.