Feminism in Disney way


Our generation was raised on Disney fairytales. Quite different than those, which our kids are watching right now. Disney princesses has changed thru the years. From shy girls looking for their prince, to independent and strong young womens. Who just can get along themselves. Disney is perfectly showing how our world has changed- now girls are not only looking for a one true love and perfect husband ( rich and from royal family). Right now, we want to fight, gain money and save the world. And our daughters are watching this type of princesses on screen.


  1. Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Well, on the end Bella is getting engaged to Beast, who appears to be a prince. And they are living in their big, bold castle with lot’s of servants. But.. she worked it out. In the beginning, she was a nerd, and book mole. She had opportunity to marry Gaston ( rich and beautiful but stupid village playboy), but he doesn’t match her personality, so she refuses.
Here Emma Watson, who is playing Bell at new Beauty and the Beast explains, why she took that role. And it’s all about feministic reasons.


  1. Mulan

Young Chinese girl, who just isn’t ready for marriage, but her family expect her to be. Culture of China is very traditional, and role of women is quite low. So, it makes Mulan even more brave and strong, to suit up as a man and pretended to be her own brother – to save her old feather from dying at war. She saves her country, her fellow soldiers and meets true love.


  1. Merida from Merida the Brave

It’s a tale as old as time: A princess’ parents arrange for her to marry a man for the good of the kingdom. And of course she doesn’t want to. Merida teaches those around her that women come in all shapes and sizes, and that being true to yourself is important. Also she shows self acceptance, even if our look isn’t exactly in beauty canons.  She shoves us, that girls can have their own passions, even if genderly these are “guys tings”.


  1. Tiana

Tiana is the first dark colored Disney princess. And she has her own business. And she has dream about HER RESTAURANT with jazz music ( no handsome jazz musician ). She is strong, fights for her rights and dreams. What can we learn from Tiana ? If you really want something, and you have enough power and strength to achieve that, we can get it.


  1. Moana

The newest disney character. Moana is a princess of Motunui, and she is intended to be a village chief. And she is doing fine, but inside she feels that ocean calls her. And it’s the first Disney film ever, where nobody ti talking about marriage or falling in love. Moanas family expect her to be a good ruler. All in all she sails alone across the ocean, restores the heart of ancient goddess and saves her island and the whole world. Oh ! She isn’t skinny. Let’s say even a little bit chubby, but she doesn’t care.