Gardens of light at Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw


Gardens of Light  is an international festival promoting historic gardens and museums from all over the world. There are six residences cooperating as part of the project include the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw, Prince Pückler Park in Bad Muskau (Germany), Tsarskoye Selo in Saint Petersburg (Russia), Prince Kung’s Mansion in Beijing (China), the Château de Lunéville (France) and Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerød (Denmark).

The Winter Evenings of Light in Warsaw is an event that is part of the Gardens of Light project, organized around February each year. This is a great opportunity to see the  illuminated buildings of the Royal Łazienki so they can be discovered anew.

The Winter Evening of Light 2017 takes place at 18 February. At the beginning of each of the track you will be able to buy lanterns and decide which track to choose first (red, green, blue). Starting  at 7 p.m. you will be able to admire the designed illuminations of the buildings and gardens.  Apart from that you are able enjoy the strolls while listening to educators and take photos with actors dressed in 18th c. costumes as part of the prepared amusements. The final concert will begin at 7:40 p.m., on the terrace of the Palace on the Isle. The New Brass Trio will present some most popular pieces, including compositions by Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Handel.

Events combined with the Gardens of Light is the Chinese Lanterns Festival relate to the culture of the Far East. At this event we can listen to the Oriental Concerts at beautiful spots of the garden. At that time the Chinese Garden is illuminated with plenty of red lanterns. The Sphere of Silence Royal Łazienki Music Festival, which takes place in the summer time, is the second event combined with the Gardens of Light project. The Sphere of Silence is music played in open air in beautiful spots of the historic garden.

2017 Winter Evening of Light