Get hairy – in February


zrzut-ekranu-2017-02-10-o-13-59-28As long as we can remember unshaved female body was associated with lack of self care. Sometimes with strict feminist organisations. All “the normal” women were rocking their smooth legs and armholes since 1900.
But now, in 2017 hairy female legs are a big sign of resistance to home violence.

An Australian organization Get Hairy February- encourage woman around the world o support victims of violence and rapes.


How it can helps  ?

Director of organization, Alex Andrews, wants basic social media users to post their hairy body pics on Instagram and tag it #gethairfebruary. It’s just a way to gain attention, and what’s goes behind – donations. Previously actions like that has taken place in France and China. And they were successful. Australians wish to go global.


Why Australia ?

According to ORGANIZATION web site, one of third woman in Australia experience violence and intimate abusing at home. 90% of young woman, have intellectual disabilities, caused but sexual abusing. So that, are facts.

One third of Australian women experience violence and intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to death and disability for women aged 15-44. All donations to Get Hairy February go to The Full Stop Foundation to provide support services to those affected and prevent further violence.


Quick history of shaving

First advertisements about shaving appeared in Europe about 1915. In May of 1915, the upscale magazine Harper’s Bazaar published advertisement with  young model in a sleeveless, slip-like dress posing with both arms over her head. And it was the very first picture like that in modern history.
Shaving wos then a little bit rebellious and elegant. During the decade, it become a real trend. And now, after 100 years, history makers  circle. Now, women don’t shave to be rebellious and show their support.  Question of  one mouth with hairy body, is not the point. It’s all about bringing attention, to a serious problem of today’s world. Looking back to very successful in Europe movember movement, which wos about oncology research for prostate cancer, we just keep fingers crossed for #gethairfebruaryhairy-5