How to become a morning runner


For many people the most productive time of the day is the early morning. That is a perfect time to schedule the day, prepare for the day, make breakfast or jog! Early morning workout makes you more relaxed, gives you time to organize the day in your head and feel good throughout the day.

That sounds easy but the only problem is that you are not a morning person. If you’re looking forward for some changes you need to change your habits. Taking little steps first.


You can simply decide one day that tomorrow would be the day you start. Challenge yourself to become a morning person in the first place. Set your evening and morning routine. Preparing for the morning, decide that you want to have that good habit. Plan your clothes ahead of time or even sleep in your activewear if you don’t like the unpleasant feeling of cold in the morning. Make sure your water bottle is ready. Get enough sleepschedule it. Write down when do you have to be in bed to fall asleep at the perfect time to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Set the alarm clock or two! In the morning light up the room. Shining light gives the brain a signal that it is time to get up. In case it doesn’t work open the window for some fresh air. Then let your system wake up, take time by having a cup of tea or small snack. That sounds like you are ready for your warm up! It’s important to wake up at the same time every day to keep up your routine.