How to decorate kids room


Kids zone is a space where playground, bedroom, art and crafts center and day room is combined. Thanks to the modern design possibilities we can make big ideas happen. Teach children to stay organized while having fun in their favorite space!

Educational toys. Missing chalkboard is impossible for children to get creative. You can choose between a regular drawing board and a chalkboard paint available in the color of your choice. Multifunctional toys will attract children for a longer period of time, won’t take too much space and will save money.


Smart furniture. Playful designs for more useful space. Smart design ideas may be expensive but will be a long term solution and an good investment. As babies and children grow very fast choose piece of furniture that can change and be used as the child grows.

Mural walls – a unique space for children. It’s a perfect way to create a magical space. Choose if it’s going to be a jungle theme, city space or maybe a map of the world to get them inspired. Use glow In the dark paint to create stars and moon on the wall so that kids can get excited to turn the lights off.  You can find amazing children’s bedroom wallpaper or try your own DIY project.


Floor. The Floor area is an extra space in the kids room. It get’s dirty very often and easily. Avoid soft, thick fluffy carpets, instead keep it simple with a wooden floor. Choose colorful rugs which can be quickly beaten or changed. Apart from that, there is a big choice of modern design play carpets for kids. In this case the floor may be changed to any game or playground easily.


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