Superfoods part 3: grains and other stuff


Ok, last time we made a list of best fruits and veggies. Today we will present you the rest. Including grains, and cereals and animal origin products. Find out, what is the best for your body !


  1. Eggs

Egs are literally good for everything. Boiled, fried, poached… endless ways to prepare them. It has about 72 calories. And helps you get slimmer.


  1. Walnuts

14 walnuts a day provide more than twice your daily dose of omega-3 fat, which improves memory and concentration.


  1. Brown rice

Magnesium, magnesium and magnesium again – one cup delivers you 80% or your daily dose. Manganese also benefits our nervous and reproductive systems.



  1. Sunflower seeds

250 g of them gives you daily dose of vitamin E, which keeps your heart strong and healthy. Try to mix them with other super grains and make granola.


  1. Flaxseed

“New” popular superfood. Rich in acid omega-3s and lignans that may prevent you from cancer, Works good with yogurt, or as a component of granola.


  1. Green tea

3 glasses a day helps you burn 100 calories. Antioxidants may lower a risk of many types of cancer. And it’s still good for your brain and concentration. More benefits ? Look here.



  1. Cocoa powder

Raw cocoa powder contains flavonoids, which are known to help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain and heart. With fewer than 15 calories per tablespoon and containing almost no fat.


  1. Chia seeds

Mexican chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and calcium. Good for vegan and vegetarians, because chia’s proteins is similar to salmon.



This love in calories oriental dish can low digestion that releases energy over time, prevent high blood pressure. It helps with hormones regulation.