What will happen if you quit alcohol for a 4 weeks.


Who doesn’t like ending a  busy day with a galls of quality red wine ? Or sipping marine in a bar, talking with best friends? Scientists from University College London found out, that even tiny amount of alcohol, consumed daily, can be dangerous to our health. Let’s make a little change and give our body just a couple of weeks without alcohol. Let’s see what will happen? 


  1. Your health

According to new studies, avoiding alcohol for a 4 weeks, will reduce liver fat from 12 to 15 %. Also lower the risk of diabetes in  about 20%. Then lower blood pressures, as well as cholesterol level. You will sleep better, and be less moody. Whole medical proves, you will find in this article.


  1. Your beauty

First of all you will loose at weight. Why ?  Alcohol contains a lot of calories– don’t even mention softs or fizzy drinks, we combine it with.  Usually when we drink in the evenings, and most of us likes drinks with snacks. So we eat. And when we drink more, we can easily lose control, and eat much more than we planned to.

Not only body will take advantages from “sober mouth”. Your face will thank you too. Within a few days, you’ll notice your skin looking and feeling more hydrated. That’s because alcohol is a diuretic, causing you to urinate more. 


  1. You passions

If you don’t drink- you don’t be hangoverd. Just think how creative and fresh you will be at work. And believe us, you will find a lot of time to do your hobbies. So, in one mouth you can be a better worker and more self realized person at once.


  1. Your wallet

Exactly, now count how much you spend on alcohol during the whole mouth.